NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane

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  • NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane
  • NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane
  • NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane
  • NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane
  • NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane

NR 200 Plus, Niagen with Lions Mane

$35.97 $53.99
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NR 200 Plus. Niagen with Lions Mane.

Consider all the benefits of NR 200 and now add Lions Mane to the mix, and we got a supplement that not only supports, and improves Brain function more. It also extends its benefits to your nervous system as well.

For improved Brain Health, this supplement combination excels.

30 day supply.

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A nature-identical, first and only commercially-available nicotinamide riboside (NR) with five patents issued and more pending.

• NR is a compound found naturally in milk.

• NR is naturally-occurring vitamin B3 metabolite.

• NR has been shown to boost nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels higher than Niacin.

• NR uses a more efficient pathway to deliver NAD+ for use by the human body as compared to Niacin.

• NR does not cause the undesirable flushing associated with Niacin.

What is NAD+?

NR is an effective precursor to NAD+.

• NAD+ is an essential metabolite in all human cells. • NAD+ plays a key role in cellular metabolism and energy production.

• NAD+ is vital for mitochondrial health.

• NAD+ is a rate-limiting co-substrate for sirtuins (AKA longevity genes). Sirtuins are enzymes known to play a key role in physiological responses to diet and exercise.

• NAD+ levels decrease during aging. NIAGEN® promotes Mitochondrial Health.

NR maintains and enhances mitochondrial health by boosting NAD+ levels and inducing creation of new mitochondria.

• Mitochondria are specialized organelles in the cell where cellular respiration and energy production occur.

• Mitochondria convert macronutrients (glucose (blood sugar), fatty acids and amino acids) into energy the cell can use.

• Mitochondrial health decreases with age.

Lions Mane

 The biggest draw for Lion’s Mane supplementation is for its nootropic effects.

Lions Mane also serves to boost the cognitive function and neuro-cellular protection needed as well.

Lion’s Mane has been scientifically proven to boost cognition which includes enhanced memory as well as recall.

The mushroom is found to be an excellent nerve tonic which can help maintain a healthy nervous system

Lion’s Mane mushroom is a historical Chinese medicine that’s developing a powerful following in the world of modern smart drugs (Nootropics). Its capability to boost cognitive function, as well as neuroprotective benefits.

Lions Mane provides benefits in aiding with heart health,

Serves as a Natural anti-depressant,

Lions Mane also helps to enhance your immune system.

Other advantages of this mushroom consist of healthy digestion, cholesterol regulation, decreased blood sugar levels as well as healthy and younger skin.

Because of beta glucane polysaccharides, lion’s mane has beneficial effects on digestion. These types of polysaccharides are recognized for improving stomach mucosa functions, that is an integral part of the digestive system.

People struggling with diabetes may also take advantage of this mushroom because it reduces glucose levels, and also inhibits a powerful sense of thirst related to diabetes.

Lions Mane Benefits

Scientifically proven to enhance cognition function and memory recall.

Assists with mental focus and alertness.

Helps maintain a healthy nervous system

Helps maintain a healthy digestive system

Serves as a natural Anti-depressant


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